The Brains Farm Project

Brains Farm is an alternative energy production plant which processes organic materials to create renewable natural gas (RNG), a cleaner and sustainable form of energy which we put directly into the UK gas network.

Here, we will help you to understand the process used at the Brains Farm site, the equipment we are using and how the production of biogas helps the environment more widely

Brains Farm Site

Find out more about the fascinating history and exciting future of Brains Farm.

What Is AD?

Everything you need to know about how AD works and the benefits of biogas.

Anaerobic Digestion

Firstly, let’s break down the word itself.

Anaerobic can be broken down into ‘an’ meaning ‘no’ and ‘aerobic’ meaning ‘with oxygen’, therefore anaerobic means with no oxygen or without oxygen.


So, an anaerobic process is one which takes place without the presence of oxygen. (This is what happens inside our two hermetically sealed tanks – they’re sealed so that oxygen from the air can’t get in and affect the AD process and we make sure to capture all the gas we produce).


The aim of the AD process is to harness the energy from the sun stored by organic materials by digesting them to create RNG, a sustainable and renewable source of energy. The main outputs of Brains Farm will be:


  • Clean Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) for the National Grid: Direct injection of purified RNG into the national gas grid.
  • Soil Enrichment: Replacement of imported chemical fertilisers with locally produced organic digestate, fostering healthier and more resilient soils.


But we’re not just building a renewable energy project, we’re also future proofing the UK’s farming industry by helping it to be more environmentally friendly and providing stability by becoming a long-term economic partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

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