Construction Starts

The Brains Farm renewables project marks an exciting development for Wincanton Town as it takes a significant step towards a greener future.
Construction of the biogas plant, which began in August 2023, is now well underway, bringing with it a host of benefits for the local community and the environment.

This ambitious project aims to harness the power of organic farm waste and convert it into renewable natural gas (RNG) and other organic resources. By utilising the latest advanced technologies, the plant will efficiently process agricultural residues and other biomass materials, turning them into clean and sustainable energy sources and organic/ renewable fertiliser. 

Operations are anticipated to begin around October this year (2024), with the first molecules of renewable gas being injected into the local gas network some time in November. When in full operation, the plant will be injecting enough RNG to supply over 4,000 homes every year (by comparison, Wincanton has roughly 2,600 dwellings with another 700 planned before 2028).

The Brains Farm Renewables project is set to have a lasting impact on Wincanton Town and its surrounding areas – providing a reliable, long-term economic and environmental partner for local farmers, their produce and wastes and by-products. With its focus on sustainability and innovation, this venture demonstrates how communities can come together to address pressing environmental challenges while fostering economic growth at a local level.