A Golden Past And A Green Future

Brains Farm and the surrounding area of Wincanton has a varied and interesting history.


History of Brains Farm

Over the centuries, many have built settlements, including the Romans, Saxons, and Normans with evidence of some of these still in the area today.


Traceable back to the 1500s and beyond, Brains Farm (then Manor Farm) was owned by the Duke of Somerset, Edward Seymour. He was the older brother of Jane Seymour, third wife of King Henry VIII, and the only one to survive his bloodthirsty ways.


She was often referred to as Golden Girl, due to her gentle-natures, quiet and reserved personality which was quite a contrast to the King’s earlier wives.


From around 1800, records show Brains Farm was a productive dairy farm and it was later owned by the Cow family of Cow and Gate fame. Their dairy factory opened in the area in 1890.


Since the early 2020s, Brains Farm has been involved in renewable energy. A large proportion of the land is home to solar panels which not only generate electricity but are allowing the land beneath them to rest and regain nutrients following a long period of intensive farming. The panels provide comfortable shade and shelter for the flock of sheep which graze the grass.


Thirty percent of the land at the farm is dedicated to trees and the promotion of biodiversity. To date over 100,000 trees have been planted here, all with suitability to the soil type and local environment.


With the new Brains Farm Renewable Energy biogas plant now being added, there’s no doubt the location has a green future.

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